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SK ID Solutions qualified time stamp proves the existence of specific data at a certain point of time – no one is able to change data once it’s saved and confirmed with the time stamp.  It is, therefore, widely used in digital signing or archiving documents.

SK ID Solutions time stamping service uses PKI and trusted time sources to provide secure and reliable information that is compatible with international standards (RFC 3161). The SK ID Solutions qualified time stamp can be used and is valid all over the world.

SK ID Solutions issues millions of time stamps a month to customers all over the world.

Million Users
Business Clients
Billion Queries in 2020


Visma Sign

Visma Sign is the biggest Online Signature provider in the Nordic market. For us, it is critical to rely on SK ID Solutions’ Time-Stamping Service which has all the key features we need; it is fast, reliable and has transparent pricing.

SEB Bank

AS SEB Estonia has been using the services of SK ID   Solutions for 15 years, so we can assure you that the service quality has been so good that we can run services 24/7. The team is always focused on improving the service level and meeting the customer’s requirements.

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Technical information


Service Package
Minimum Number of Transactions
Price per Transactions

Starting at


per month

Package 1

1 000

Starting at


per month

Package 2

10 000

Starting at


per month

Package 3

100 000

Starting at


per month

Package 4

500 000


Competitive price​
Compliant with eIDAS regulation
High availability
Transparent pricing policy
Easy to integrate
Saving time and money
Yearly audited secure and reliable service
Legally binding - valid proof in court
Valid for five years


Banking and fintech

Professional associations


Medical practices


Governmental institutions


Software developers

Governmental institutions

Common Questions

Yes. We have set up free of charge demo environment where the test time-stamping service can be tested without the need to commit or whitelist IP-addresses. Please feel free to try it out at:

Time-stamping request should be made using RFC 3161 Time Stamp Protocol over HTTP transport.

Yes. We are able to serve tens of millions of timestamps per month.

Yes, SK was the first company in the EU to issue the eIDAS qualified time stamps.

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